Our environmental protection measures at a glance

Internal measures
For us, the latest technologies go hand in hand with environmental protection. We use sustainable materials and low-emission production. By choosing SAXOPRINT, you will benefit from high-quality print products and a responsible online printing company. To protect our natural environment, we observe the following internal environmental protection measures.

Print green with FSC® certified paper

Make a contribution to environmental protection
SAXOPRINT has been certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) since 2013.
FSC® certified paper is used in the production of a range of products on 400gsm print paper, both matt and glossy finish. Order your print products with FSC® paper to make a contribution to the improvement and protection of forests.
The benefits of an FSC® certified printing company
  • Paper is produced from sustainable forestry production.
  • Greener production methods (no overexploitation/deforestation)
  • A considerable step towards a balanced carbon footprint with FSC® certified printing.
  • Far-reaching measures towards offsetting carbon footprint
  • Forestry production businesses are visited to check that for every quantity of paper produced, more trees are being planted.

Climate neutral shipping with every order

You will be supporting the environment with every order you make, as our products are sent to you with climate neutral shipping . It doesn’t cost you anything, but helps the environment significantly. By optimising the shipping process, every delivery contributes to sustainable climate change.

DPD DrivingChange™
For the shipping of your products, we're working together with DPD. Their DrivingChange™ programme ensures climate neutral shipping. The main benefit is carbon neutral shipping, which is achieved with the diverse environmental strategy of DPD. The DrivingChange™ programme comprises of four core priorities: Carbon Neutral Commitment, Smart Urban Delivery, Closer Communities and Innovative Entrepreneurship.