Our Exhibition Walls

highlight What we are used for:
  • Branding and product presentations
  • Highlighting your booth at trade shows and exhibitions
  • Press conference and red carpet backgrounds
  • Decoration in larger rooms
Style Exhibition Walls, PVC

Exhibition Walls, Textile

Finished size System Sizes for PVC

9 areas
(250 x 231 x 79 cm)

12 areas
(300 x 231 x 99 cm)
System Sizes for Textile

9 areas
(231 x 231 x 29 cm)

12 areas
(306 x 231 x 29 cm)
Print Run from 1 to 10 units
Number of sides 1
Colour mode 4/0 euroscale
Material 430μm pop up PVC 200gsm décor fabric
Processing delivered preassembled
Data sheets Assembly instructions
Assembly instructions
Care instructions