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Learn more about the role and associated rights.
Roles and authorisation
You can assign different authorisation levels with the user roles. Therefore, as soon as you send out an invitation to an administrator, a graphic designer or a co-worker for your platform, you have already assigned different authorisation levels to individual users.

You may also select a platform contact person. This person will be the contact point for all questions to do with your platform.

Every role has a different display in the platform and can undertake different actions:

Our tip: In the Set up menu you can always switch the roles of the platform users and therefore change the authorisation level of your platform users.
From layout to template
A layout created by a graphic designer will become a template after it has been signed off by an administrator. All users (including graphic designers and admin) can then edit the template and place an order. Take a look at our Media Library to learn more.

Our tip: administrators can reduce the amount of material on offer to be certain that all colleagues are printing paper in the same grammage.