You are a co-worker
and you want to print your advertising materials easily?
You are an entrepreneur
and you want to create your own printing portal?
You are a graphic designer
and you want to create templates for the marketing portal?
Let’s go – it’s completely free
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  • The advantages of the team-based platform

    Your personalised portal for decentralised working
    All team members have access to a centralised marketing platform no matter where they are
    Fewer sources of error when creating print data
    The efficient sign-off process guarantees that your company's corporate design is preserved
    24 hour access to advertising media
    Advertising media can also be ordered on short notice thanks to a direct connection to the printer's
    Efficiency - an optimised workflow
    Create professional templates with the integrated graphic-editor - at no extra cost

    Find out how works

    You can find helpful tutorial videos to take you through step by step here.

    The right benefits for everyone

    Access to all advertising media at any time
    Personalise templates effortlessly
    Create your finished product in just a few clicks
    Create a platform in your own corporate design
    Central management of templates for all users
    Save costs with a real-time overview of all processes
    Graphic designer
    Decide on printing templates with your client instantly
    Work in a time-efficient manner with an optimised workflow
    Archive client records

    Test the Editor now

    Edit and personalise printing templates effortlessly using the basic Editor.
    Graphic designer
    Use the wide range of functions in the pro Editor to create and edit professional printing templates.